Rajasthani Songs Albums

Rajasthani music offer special form of lively music and dance. The state of Rajasthan has a unique style of music and dance that are entertaining and energetic and grabs the attention of the people. Music forms an important part in the culture of this state.

Performing arts are executed with great intensity and vigor. Kalbeliya and Ghumar are the most famous forms of music and dance of Rajasthan. With the popularity of Rajasthani songs among the people of the other parts of India and other parts of the world, many bollywood and other film musicians include Rajasthani songs in their films. Many artists also publish their own albums in Rajasthani music.

Different web sites offer the facility to download the albums produced by popular artists and some web site even sell the CDs of these albums. Some other web sites offer the facility to listen to these albums online. Let us see some of the Rajasthani song albums and the web sites offering these albums as well.

In.com: offers the facility to listening to the following Rajasthani song albums online:

  • Chali Chhori
  • Mhane Aave
  • Bannare Baaga Mein
  • Kun Base pardes
  • Banna Tharo
  • Dharti Dhora
  • Kesariya Balam
  • Main Chhori
  • Thodo Nachuli Thodo and
  • Roomal

You can listen to these albums by visiting the page http://www.in.com/music/genre/rajasthani-1893.html and by clicking on the name of the required album.

Source.pz10.com: This web site offers a wide range of Rajasthani albums, which include Rajasthani marriage albums, Rajasthani devotional albums, etc… From this web site you can download the song to your computer or you can hear them online as well. You can also refer this album to your friends from this web site. If you visit the link http://source.pz10.com/music/albumtrack.php?artist=4357&album=25185 of this web site, you will be able to find the wide range of Rajasthani albums offered by them.


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