Rajasthani Shadi Songs

Rajasthan is one of the states of India, which can astonish you with its beauty and culture. The land comes alive with enthusiastic folk music, dance, ballada and fantastic festivals that are indivisible part of the soft golden sands of the land.

The term shadi stands for wedding in Hindi. Songs are included in the weddings conducted in the state of Rajasthan and these songs are called as wedding songs. Rajasthan being the land of maharajas is the ideal destination for royal weddings. Marriages in the state captivate the viewers with majestic and imperial settings. The state being an exceptional combination of comfort, convenience and accessibility makes it a preferred place for dream weddings.

If you are looking for Rajasthani shadi songs, we can get them from the following web sites:

Beatofindia.com: From beatofindia.com you can get different songs belonging to different states sung during occasions like childbirth, festival/religious songs, season songs and wedding songs as well. The web site has also provided ‘Phaag’, which is the wedding song, sung in some areas of Rajasthan. Generally a phaag singing session includes youngsters in the gathering, singing in the format of question and answers. Normally, words like gajra, garu and gendu, are used in these songs for addressing the wedding couple. You can download this from the link http://www.beatofindia.com/forms/phaag.htm or you can also purchase this in CD format from beatofindia.com.

Indiaclub.com: is another web site offering Rajasthani wedding songs in a set of two music CDs at a cost of $27.45. These two CDs contain a total of 23 Rajasthani wedding songs sung by artists like Kheta Manganiar, Ghevar Manganiar, Feroze Manganiar and Lakha Manganiar. These songs are accompanied by instruments like flute, dholak, shehnai, sarangi, tabla and keyboard. For purchasing this wonderful CD click the following link: http://www.indiaclub.com/Shop/SearchResults.asp?ProdStock=23445.


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