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Rajasthani music is famous all across the country. The songs of this state clearly exhibit the life and the culture of the people of this state. The state has got a rich heritage and culture. Apart from several attractions, the main attraction for the tourists is the folk music of Rajasthan. The Folk songs are sung by different communities of people living in this state.

If you are looking to listen to or download Rajasthani songs on the internet, you can easily do that. There are different music related web sites offering free listening and even free downloading facility of Rajasthani songs to the music lovers. These songs can be downloaded in different audio formats like mp3.
If you are interested in downloading the latest Rajasthani songs to your computer, you can visit the following web sites: is a web site offering facility to download Rajasthani, Punjabi and bollywood songs. Apart from this, the web site has got a link called latest, where you will be able to find latest Punjabi, Hindi and Rajasthani songs. From the link, you can download latest Rajasthani veena albums like pallo latke, mehandi raachani, hathleva and ghoomar. You can download the songs from these albums to your computer. They have also provided the details like the capacity of the songs and the time it will take to download. is another web site offering songs of different languages like Hindi, Oriya, Malayalam, Sanskrit, Kannada and Rajasthani. If you type the letters latest Rajasthani songs, in their search box, you will be able to get 10 new Marwari songs of Rajasthan. The link for these songs is You can download the required song, by clicking on the name of the song. You can post your comments about the song on this web site.


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