Rajasthani music offer special form of lively music and dance. The state of Rajasthan has a unique style of music and dance that are entertaining and energetic and grabs the attention of the people. Music forms an important part in the culture of this state. Continue reading ‘Rajasthani Songs Albums’


The State of Rajasthan owns distinct and rich cultural heritage and the state is the home for essential centers of Indian musical development including Jaipur, Jodhpur and Udaipur. Dance and music form an important part of the culture and lifestyle of Rajasthan. Continue reading ‘Rajasthani Songs’


Rajasthan is one of the states of India, which can astonish you with its beauty and culture. The land comes alive with enthusiastic folk music, dance, ballada and fantastic festivals that are indivisible part of the soft golden sands of the land. Continue reading ‘Rajasthani Shadi Songs’


Dance and music are deep-rooted in the life of the people of Rajasthan. The upsurge of life and the stillness of the desert evening in the short-lived rainy season are filled with rhythmic dance, full-throated and soulful music and instruments like morchang, nad, satara, kamaycha and sarangi create a melodious music. The legendary battles of the Rajputs are told through the songs of this state. Continue reading ‘Rajasthani Folk Songs’


Songs form an important part in the culture of the state of Rajasthan. They include songs for almost all their special occasions like marriage, birth, etc… and they also include singing and dancing during their cultural festivals. Their music impresses people from all over the world and tourists visiting Rajasthan make it a point to attend at least one performance by the folk artists of Rajasthan. Continue reading ‘Online Rajasthani Songs’


Music and dance form an important part in the culture of the state of Rajasthan. The lyrics of the Rajasthani songs are read in prosaic style. The people pay more attention to the poetry rather than the melody of the Rajasthani songs. But, the poetry gets proper meaning only when it is accompanied by proper music. The conventional music of this state is designed for every event like rituals, seasons, family affairs, festivals, etc… Continue reading ‘Lyrics of Rajasthani Songs’


Rajasthani music is famous all across the country. The songs of this state clearly exhibit the life and the culture of the people of this state. The state has got a rich heritage and culture. Apart from several attractions, the main attraction for the tourists is the folk music of Rajasthan. The Folk songs are sung by different communities of people living in this state. Continue reading ‘Latest Rajasthani Songs’


The amazing music of Rajasthan has an exotic flavor, tradition and individuality, which gives a unique quality and feature, which impresses the listeners from all over the world.

They have songs for each and every occasion with a variety of tunes, with rich emotional content and a variety of musical instruments are being used by the musicians of Rajasthan. Their music has traditional forms and is being followed from generation to generation. Continue reading ‘DJ Rajasthani Songs’


The state of Rajasthan has extensive tradition in culture and art and the state is culturally rich. The art, music and dance forms have been carefully patronized and cultivated in this wonderful state of India. The state has got an equally rich and different folk culture from villages as well. Continue reading ‘Dholna Rajasthani Songs’


The Mumbai-based Hindi-language film industry in India is called as Bollywood. When compared with other film industries in India like Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, Telugu and Tamil, Hindi film industry or bollywood is considered as the largest in terms of number of films produced. Continue reading ‘Bollywood Rajasthani Songs’